Avoiding TsunamisbyVictor Pinedo

Avoiding Tsunamis

Par Victor Pinedo

  • Date de publication: 2014-03-24
  • Genre: Économie

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What’s happening in our entrepreneurial world brings me deep sadness because I know that there is a better way. My team developed and launched a new dynamic system within companies that are now experiencing much greater success than they had previously. The only thing that stands between us and building a better system, where education and businesses are thriving better, is our unwillingness to let go of outworn competitive, hierarchical systems.

The old hierarchical paradigm is narrowly based on a dog-eat-dog alpha survival leading to inefficiency, exclusion and loss of profit. The new cooperative paradigm is one of sustainable values, synergy and inclusion leading to greater success and profit. The countries and companies who have switched to the new paradigm are thriving.

I believe that as we embrace new cooperative systems as individuals and organizations, the suffering will end and we will bring a new renaissance of growth, progress and profit. I know because this system has taken a company from ten million to a billion in revenue in just ten years.